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Daniel C. Dantini, MD, a practicing physician, has blended the clinical and laboratory expertise to achieve the next generation in delayed food sensitivity testing. Dr. Dantini has been researching and treating food sensitivities for over 30 years. Dr. Dantini did research on Autism in the 1980's through a grant from NIMH and the Pittsburgh Autistic Society.

Patented Test

Abstract :   The present invention relates to methods and devices for detecting biological entities and components associated with hypersensitivity reactions in patients with allergies, cancer or autoimmune disease. Specifically, the assays of the invention are capable of qualitatively and/or quantitatively detecting allergen specific immunocomplexes by assaying for immobilized C3b in a biological sample produced as a result of exposure to food.

Link to information about the patent:   Detection of antigen specific immunocomplexes


Clinical Laboratories

All facilities, including physician offices, performing any clinical laboratory testing, are required to obtain a state clinical laboratory license and a federal Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) certificate. The state clinical laboratory license must be issued before the laboratory is authorized to perform testing. The AHCA Laboratory Unit handles applications and changes for both the state laboratory licensure and federal CLIA certification programs. Initial and biennial inspections are required for facilities performing non-waived testing.

CLIA Certificate # 10D0899219
Florida Clinical Laboratory License # 80008944