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Arthritis - a term that means joint inflammation - is the leading cause of physical disability in the United States, affecting about one in every six Americans. While the medical cost annually is estimated to be $51 billion and the total cost is $86 billion, by far the greatest cost is in the pain and suffering which greatly diminishes the quality of life of millions of Americans. Since there are many treatments for arthritis available today, trying to determine the best course of action may be difficult to pinpoint. As food sensitivities affect almost everyone with arthritis, treatment in these areas should be initiated first. It is most important to note that drugs are not the long-term answer because they do not get to the root cause and can have dangerous side effects.

The relationship between diet and arthritis is and has been the source of in-depth studies for many years. These studies have shown that foods play a key role in the cause and treatment of arthritis. With this compelling evidence, the best course of action is to determine what foods are influencing the arthritis. Once these foods are isolated, they can be systematically eliminated from the diet. By far the best test available today to accomplish this treatment is the Complement Antigen Test.

What does this test consist of and why has it proven to be so effective? The Complement Antigen Test is a multi-pathway test used to determine delayed food, food additive, food dye, and environmental chemical sensitivities. It is a safe, non-invasive approach to treating serious chronic arthritis. The Complement Antigen Test identifies a complete IgG, and immune complexes, making it a more comprehensive test for delayed food reactions than any other. By using the Complement Antigen Test, the foods can be identified quickly and accurately. Eliminating these foods from the diet can provide a cure for arthritis symptoms and improve the mobility of the patient. The requirement here is to eliminate problem foods from the diet - not to mask the cause by taking prescription drugs and OTC medicines. The Complement Antigen Test has proven effective in over 80 percent of the patients tested. This high level of success and the outstanding consistency of this test continue to set the standard for delayed food sensitivity testing and should be the first treatment the patient seeks.
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