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Asthma is a bronchial spasm or narrowing of the tracheal bronchial tree due to inflammation. This inflammation may be temporary, related to an inhalation of various antigens like pollen, dust, or mold spores. In addition, it may be complicated by infection, which causes further narrowing of the bronchial tree and the typical diagnosis here would be asthmatic bronchitis. In many individuals, who have been well treated with the desensitization for the various pollens, molds, and other inhalant causes, they may have persistent symptoms and must take bronchial dilators and topical inhaled steroids to control their symptoms.

Often, food sensitivities are a complicating problem and contribute to the bronchial spasms and narrowing. This is a consistent finding. This relationship of food allergies to asthma is a consistent finding in those individuals who have what is called non-allergic allergy. What this means is that the individual has negative IgE skin testing or RAST testing, but appears to be an allergic individual. This individual almost always has delayed food sensitivities as a complicating factor in their chronic asthma and bronchitis illness.

If you find yourself in the state of confusion over immediate allergies versus delayed food sensitivities, now is time to determine the underlying cause of your asthma and be tested for delayed food sensitivities.

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