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Chat about Autism and its relationship to food sensitivities

I recently received this e-mail from an appreciative parent of an autistic child who was tested using our multi-pathway delayed food allergy method in 2003.

Subject: Complement Antigen Test info/top 3 biomedical interventions

"I never thought about my top in three biomedical interventions. It really caused me to think about what has helped our son * the most. I am sure some of you have tried the delayed food allergy test and it's diet program too but, for those of you that haven't, I want to pass along the information to you. I think it is definitely in our top 3. Just this week, I attempted to reintroduce a food to him that we had withheld for quite some time and he went into a fog. Pinpointing the specific foods that he reacted to really took out some guesswork for me and has really helped him have a great summer. I know that Dr.-'s* office has been doing the delayed food allergy test.

I realize that not everything works for every kid. But, this has been huge for our son and I wanted to take the time to share in case it happened to be new information for anyone. If you call, then we will further explain the test if you need more information than their web site contains.

I feel like we are all in this together and hope this info helps out someone else's kiddo.

By the way, Glutamine was in other in our top 3. It's safe to say I have a big gut kid on my hands. I think chelation and GF/CF would be tied for a spot in our rankings as well."

* The doctor's and parents child's names have been intentionally not shown.
We respect their need for confidentiality.

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It is using diet and nutrition as therapeutic tools.

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