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Why is the Complement Antigen Test better than IgG4 ELISA or IgE tests?

While the IgE remains the standard for inhalant allergies, it fails miserably when diagnosing foods related to chronic diseases. Most often a good history is better than an IgE test for foods. IgG4 is a protective antibody and is not clinically relevant.

We test for total IgG plus immune complexes, which then start the complement cascade so it is far more comprehensive for identifying the antigens that contribute to chronic diseases.

This does not mean that IgE or IgG4 tests are bad, they are just limited in the number of pathways of immunological responses. When reactions are missed by other methods, the patient's chronic conditions will not improve. The Complement Antigen Test is the gold standard for measuring concentrations of specific immunoglobulins.

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