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Complement Antigen Technology

The Complement Antigen Test

The Complement Antigen Test measures the presence of both IgG and components of complement that are part of the complement cascade that results in the formation of immune complexes. This test employs a unique patented process that measures Type II and III reactions, providing physicians with a much more complete picture than by measuring IgG alone.

Distinct Advantages of the Complement Antigen Test:

  • Calibration: The kits employ a standard curve with precise amounts of antibody to calibrate the reactivity of each sample and to standardize each run.
  • Standard Curve: ≥ 0.95 by linear regression
  • Statistical Analysis: 95% confidence limits for true positives or true negatives
  • Specificity: Human IgG heavy chain all isotypes (IgG 1, 2, 3, 4) and Immune Complexes. The conjugate does not cross react with other classes of antibody or Kappa or Lambda light chains.
  • Micro Arrays: Food antigens are plated using automated workstations that ensure coating accurate volumes and the correct placement of the antigens.

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