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How to Get Tested

How to Order the Complement Antigen Test

(Healthcare Professionals: Please use this order form.)

  1. Contact Dr. Dantini's office at 1-800-491-9511 (or use this (or use this form) to order testing. If you are using another practitioner, I can work with you both to get the results you need.
  2. We will schedule you for a phone consultation then send out a draw kit.
  3. Once your draw kit arrives, take it to a local lab or healthcare professional to have your blood drawn.
  4. Complete the requisition form, then send the sample back in the packaging provided. (Included in the kit is a prepaid FedEx package.)


The complement antigen test is not currently covered by insurance. Health Saving Accounts can be used, because this qualifies as a health expense.
Please call for details : 1-800-491-9511


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Dr. Daniel Dantini guarantees that no information you furnish to us will ever be sold, given, or otherwise shared with any third parties except your healthcare or insurance provider.

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