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Complement Antigen Test

We will accept a signed Requisition or prescription from your doctor. This requisition or prescription will be needed to run the test.

Any type of physician can order the ELISA test for you. If you do not have a regular physician, we may be able to direct you to one. It is better if you use your regular physician, as he/she is usually more aware of your medical history. If your physician has any questions concerning this test, we encourage you to have them give us a call or visit this web site.

Contact your physician and if he/she is are agreeable to ordering the test, then we'll send you the specimen draw kit. When you receive the kit, take it to your doctor's office to have your blood collected.

In order to receive your draw specimen kit, please contact us for payment instructions. There is a charge of $75 to get the kit. We will obtain your credit card number by phone and confirm your ship-to address. We cannot ship to a P.O. Box. The $75 charge for the kit will applied to any deductible or co-payment.

Once the blood is drawn, it must be shipped that day by Federal Express to our laboratory for processing. The kit will come with a pre-labeled diagnostic bag to be used in shipping the draw specimen kit back to us. We ask that you call us with the FedEx tracking number so that we can be notified of the shipment.

The results plus a four-day elimination rotation diet plan will be sent back to your doctor's office within seven to ten days.

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