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Phase III - Life After Testing and Challenge

By this time, you will have a clear sense of what foods bother you and how much they bother you. You can make an intelligent decision about how much you want to "cheat" on the diet, if you want to cheat at all. You will also know exactly what food causes what symptom. For example, corn makes the bottoms of someone's feet hurt, another patient gets fuzzy-brained from wheat, and still another gets diarrhea from dairy products. You will have your own reaction.

The foods that do not produce symptoms during the challenge phase may be reintroduced into your diet, but consumption must be limited to no more than three times per week. Keep in mind frequent consumption of these foods may bother you sometime later in life. The foods that do produce symptoms are avoided for six months to a year and then are challenged back again. If you avoid the foods that are causing your symptoms you will feel better; no more migraines, no more arthritis, no more chronic illness!

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