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Testimonials From Patients

1. Relief from...joint pain, fluid retention, bloating, headaches, fatigue, anxiety and no confusion.

When my doctor recommended that I have the Complement Antigen test done, I didn't understand how it applied to me. I grew up health conscious and always tried eat healthy foods. However, after reading some information about the delayed food sensitivities, I realize that I was experiencing several symptoms associated with food sensitivities.

For many years I have lived with fatigue, was extremely sluggish, felt that there was a "cloud"  in my head, I was unable to concentrate or focus, I also had some joint pain and headaches - I just didn't feel well.

I proceeded with the Complement Antigen test. Around the sixth day of the avoidance phase (eliminating all the foods that I was reactive to) the "cloud" lifted out of my head! As I continued on the diet, I experienced a feeling of overall wellness that I hadn't felt for many years; my energy increased dramatically -I don't feel sluggish anymore; my overall outlook on life has also improved! The benefits of this diet for me were not only physical but emotional as well. I feel more relaxed, stress is less of an issue with me now and I'm not as restless were anxious as I used to be.

I'm currently in the challenge phase of the test - introducing the foods on my reactive list back into my diet one at a that time. As I began to experience some of the symptoms that I had lived with before, it's easy to make the decision to eliminate those foods from my diet for good.
Although it has been tough, I found the benefits to be well worth the effort, sacrifice and discipline. For me, it's not just the six weeks diet - it has become a lifestyle change!

I encourage you to have the Complement Antigen test done if your health-care professional is advising you to take it.

It may be difficult - but it's well worth the effort! 

VWK, Greencastle PA

2. Relief from...arthritis, lupus or fibromyalgia

I want to tell you of the wonderful change in my life since I have learned of my food sensitivities.

For the last 30 years doctors have talked to me about my painful knees,  sore joints, tennis elbow, frightening tight chest, tender abdomen, etc.  I was on two aspirin every four hours for several years because they said it was early rheumatoid arthritis.

In early 1996 I awoke with severe pain in my knees at 4:45 AM. I managed to get to the kitchen and took to aspirin, the first I had in years. My body was stiff, I cannot stand erect. I sat in the kitchen waiting for some relief. None came and I slowly worked to dress myself for school, waiting to feel better. By 8 AM I was dressed ready to go but had not yet eaten. I could barely move it was too late to call in sick, which I wasn't, just couldn't move and in lots of pain. I figured the kids could walk for me, so I ate and drove rather than walk to school, late. During the day I gradually got the use of my joints and the pain left.

I told my physician about it sometime later. He said I needed to find out the cause and to not ignore such a condition. He ordered blood tests, which said no signs of crippling arthritis but Lupus or Fibromyalgia were possible culprits. My doctor said the other M.D.s would not to tell me that all Lupus is allergic sensitivity. So he started with delayed food allergy tests with Dr Daniel Dantini. Of the first 50 tested I was sensitive to 18. I stopped eating those foods and wonders of wonders, all kinds of lovely things happen to my body. The tennis elbow I had fought for years disappeared. The ear-aches left. The constantly runny nose declined. The severe pain in my wrists that came and went improved. The tender knees stopped and I began to walk to school again. The fatigue receded. The explosive bowel problems stopped. I felt better than I had in years. My doctor confirmed that indeed all of these could have been caused by food allergies. I had made no other changes in my life.

I would not have believed this could be. I spent 37 years of marriage telling my mother-in-law that I did not have food sensitivities. I know she is heaven saying "I told you so!"  She was so right.

My other medical doctors do not give credit to the miracle of an allergy free life. I'm so grateful to Dr. M. for sending me to Dr Daniel Dantini. It is frustrating to have doctors who knows so little, in our quick to debunk the credit idea to being allergy free. It's nice not to be scratched and patched all over my back in order to learn to which foods I'm allergic. I talked to Dr. Dantini who has 43 allergic foods. He makes me feel lucky.

I know that there are many diseases that are no more than food allergic reactions. Now I would advise everyone who's dealing with less than "lovely" health to be tested before excepting pain as part of life and coming to depend on prescription drugs to maintain the illusion of health.

Sincerely, a newly retired teacher who is enjoying the "golden years" immensely,

MCR, Sprague WA.

3. Relief from... diarrhea

I want to thank the Dr Daniel Dantini for getting rid of my problems.

I have found out after eating chocolate and sugar my heart would race. I had this condition for 30 years. Eating lettuce gave me diarrhea.

If it were not for Dr Dantini's Test, I would never have known I had these food sensitivities. I thought I would have to live with these conditions.

Thank you very much.

AF Campbell, OH

4. Relief from... sleep apnea

Some improvement! That's putting it mildly!

The Food Allergy Test System has been a literal godsend to me. In January 1987, I began having severe sleep problems - sleep apnea. I went through sleep clinics in 2 hospitals, was scheduled for surgery at Mayo in Jacksonville Florida, which I refused. I hadn't driven a car in nearly three years - lived on "Nodoz". I gained weight and was a miserable wreck working six days a week, etc.. The food sensitivity problems you wouldn't believe, high blood pressure and the list just went on and on.

Today, I finish my six weeks of the food elimination. I now drive to and from work. On Saturday I drove all the way to the Gulf Coast (185 miles) and back on Sunday. I have no food sensitivity problems now. I have enough energy to climb 6 trees and I have lost 31 pounds as of last night.

I never got sick during the six weeks and for me to it adhere to that kind of regiment tots some kind of will power. You probably saved my life! I'm so thankful and so is Sue.


Ed L. Forest, MS

5. Relief from... Swollen lymph nodes

I can not begin to tell you how much of a difference I feel now after having the food sensitivity test done and lived it for 6 months. For 6 years now I have just not felt good for even a short period of time. I always felt bloated of had headaches of even migraines at times.

I never would have even had the test done until I noticed a lump in my breast. I went to my OBGYN and had a recheck to discover they needed to be examined by a specialist and a mammogram. The Breast specialist was not concerned and told me if the pain was bad enough he could cut off my breast and to come back in 6 months for a recheck. It just happened my yearly pap smear was scheduled four weeks later. My OBGYN noticed the enlarged lymph nodes were spreading rapidly and even to the other breast. I had been working with a family group of Chiropractors and got up enough nerve to talk to Dr.---. He did not hesitate at all and told me I needed to have a food sensitivity test done as soon as we could schedule it.

I had a large list of food sensitivities and forbidden foods. My worst reaction was to sugar cane and cocoa. To top it off other highly sensitive foods are tomatoes, wheat, and milk. I absolutely LOVE sugar, pastas, and pizza. I would drink at least 6 Pepsi's a day and did not like water. The first 4 days of not eating my forbidden food was the hardest. After the first shopping experience was under my belt it was a lot easier.; There are not too many processed foods without sugar in some form. After 30 days I am very happy to say the lymph nodes have not progressed and if anything the existing enlarged lymph nodes are a bit smaller in size. I have lost a total of 23 pounds and have so much more energy it is unbelievable!!! I will occasionally try a forbidden food and it is amazing that if I have a fair amount of cheese I will have a headache to follow. Now if I have too much sugar (even orange juice made from concentrate) I feel like I have an alcoholic buzz going.

It is amazing how the 2 MD's I went to had never heard of you test. I think your test will be imperative in the future for simple solutions to common diseases today. I have told everyone who asks me how I lost al the weight that this in NOT a diet, it's a LIFESTYLE change. By the way, my weight now matches the weight that has been on my driver's license for years. Thank You I feel Great!!!!!


T  Durant, Iowa

6. Relief from... Sinus infections, bronchitis, itchy ears, migraines, fatigue, vaginal discharge and constipation.

I have suffered from a long list of symptoms for years.  Sinus infections, bronchitis, itchy ears, migraines, fatigue, vaginal discharge and constipation just to name a few. I had started seeing Dr.-- on advise from my cousin who had worked with him and seen miraculous results. Dr.--  was amazed to find out that I had had this long list of symptoms for years. He explained that to have so many health problems at such a young age was not normal. He felt strongly that I had food sensitivities and suggested that I take a blood test to find out what they were. After checking with my health insurance to make sure it would be covered I agreed to take the test. The test came back showing that I had 39 harmful foods.

It was not easy to do, not easy at all, but for six weeks I did not eat any foods that were on the list. Within 5 days my headaches, fatigue, and vaginal discharge disappeared. By the two week marker all my symptoms except the itchy ears and stuffy nose had stopped. At the end of the fifth week my ears had stopped itching and I could finally breathe without Vicks vapor rub.

I have come to realize that food sensitivities were the source of my troubles over the past 18 years. I have missed several days of work, school and daily living because my body was physically ill. I lived with a headache EVERYDAY for the past 10 years. Some days where unbearable and others days it was just a slight headache. But it was everyday.

When I went to Dr.-- one of the symptoms I suffered from that was of great concern was vaginal discharge and a severe burning pain in my abdomen. I underwent several tests: blood tests, vaginal cultures, CAT scan, IV's that illuminated for s-rays, physical exams, sonograms, etc... All the tests came back negative. The next step I was told was Exploratory Laparoscopy. Since I've been on the restricted diet there has been no discharge and no abdominal pain or burning.

I am blessed that I went to see Dr.-- when I did. My symptoms aren't better THEY'RE GONE. I am a happy and healthy person. If I had known that I was sensitive to these foods I could have saved myself for years of not only hardship, but also damage to my body.

I have to admit that, occasionally I have fallen off the wagon. After being on the restricted diet for about five months I was at a birthday party. I thought, "Oh what's the harm in eating a little ice cream". Within 20 minutes I was sick to my stomach, I was sneezing and I had a terrible headache. Later that night I had vaginal itching and discharge with lasted for two days.

In conclusion, this test was absolutely necessary to discovering the root of my health problem. I am requesting your help in explaining to my health insurance company that this test should be covered. This test has saved my life and given me high quality of living. I am thankful to the Dr. for helping me learn how to eat better and how to be healthy.

Thank you,

K. Centerville, VA

7. A brief testimonial of support, and more specifically for Lonnie Behrens, my Alternative Chef.

My name is Sumner Bradshaw, and my purpose for writing is to give a brief testimonial of support, and more specifically for Lonnie Behrens, my Alternative Chef. I suffered numerous unpleasant symptoms over the past 10 years without knowing the root cause despite consultations with several physicians and clinics. Several months ago I was referred to Dr Daniel Dantini though a physician.

When I was originally tested, I was introduced to Lonnie Behrens as my personal Chef. Lonnie has been extraordinarily helpful, insightful and has offered his complete support throughout my diagnosis. Lonnie took the time to hold an encouraging conference call with me and my mother explaining the testing process. He gave me various recipes including the foods on my "allowable list". He also offered insight regarding the different phases of the "elimination period" of the various foods as well as how to properly re-introduce these foods back into my diet over due time.

Lonnie even offered me his email address and I have been in constant communication with him, and he has been extremely responsive to my questions about recipes, symptoms, ideas for food substitutions and different brand names with which he has had experience with over the years. Although I have never met Lonnie, I truly feel he is a new friend and "buddy" of mine on whom I can consistently rely for information and support.

Being diagnosed with severe food sensitivities can be a frustrating challenge. Lonnie Behrens has encouraged me to have an optimistic attitude about the changes I am making in my life, and as a result of his advice and counsel I feel better physically and emotionally.

Sumner Bradshaw

8. Feeling exhausted - ALL THE TIME.

I am a single mother of two teenagers so at first I contributed my fatigue to stress. However, as time went on and I made changes with my diet and stress related environment I soon realized I was still feeling exhausted-ALL THE TIME. I knew something was wrong but couldn't figure it out. I ate extremely healthy, took vitamins, exercised and avoided stress as much as possible, yet I was still feeling exhausted. Eventually I thought I must be depressed. My condition soon worsened to memory loss with muscle and joint pain. Through luck, divine intervention and/or faith I met Dr. Dantini. I have now been on the anti-virals and diet for 5 weeks and feel tremendously better. I had been experiencing the symptoms for over four years and can't believe Dr. Dantini has given me my life back. Thank you Dr. Dantini with all my heart. My children thank you too :-).


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