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Food Allergies : Food Sensitivity

Understanding Food Allergies : Food Sensitivity

As improbable as it sounds, some people get a stomachache, headache, or other uncomfortable symptoms from eating "healthy" foods such as wheat, milk, or even apples. These symptoms can and usually do develop into any one of the chronic conditions listed on the "Symptoms of Food Allergies or Food Sensitivity" page.

For reasons we do not fully understand, for some individuals, eating a specific food causes the immune system to stand up and fight; yet the immune system loses. Consequently, you become ill. The illness you have is the immune system's response to a certain food.

The tendency to be sensitive to certain foods can be either genetic or caused by the constant and repeated exposure to the same foods. Since we tend to eat the same foods over and over our present symptoms continue and new ones start to develop.

Many people suffer from food allergies or food sensitivities and don't realize it. Rarely can we figure out on our own that something we ate yesterday might be causing today's migraine. Many people needlessly endure years of illness with numerous chronic illness and symptoms (arthritis, asthma, migraines, cluster headaches, bowel problems, eczema, fatigue, heartburn, hyperactivity, and many others) without even knowing that delayed food sensitivities are causing these conditions.

Various books and articles have been written over the years about food intolerance. Interestingly, authors who have addressed this issue in the last 150 years all agree on the symptoms caused by food intolerance. These symptoms include arthritis, eczema, irritability, mental confusion, and diarrhea.

What authors do not agree on is which specific food causes which particular problem. Some say it may be corn, others point to wheat while still another talks of sugar and dyes. We suspect that they are all correct... for some patients. It is our experience that each susceptible individual has his or her own particular profile of foods to which he/she is sensitive.

Your personal immune response system is what determines which foods give you trouble.

Any Food
can cause Any problem!
Good Food can make you Sick!

In the end, most doctors may not know what is causing your underlying problem so they will prescribe a medicine for your symptoms. They haven't really cured the problem, but rather hidden it so you can continue to function. Meanwhile, other symptoms may surface and you will needlessly perpetuate your suffering. Most chronic disease related to foods develops slowly but become severe and resistant to routine treatment with medication. Unless the food is removed from the diet, the constant immune stimulation persists.

The Complement Antigen Test is a blood test that measures the struggle of the immune system against food antigens within the confines of a laboratory. This process allows us to give you your unique profile of foods that are causing YOU problems.

I developed this test to help people determine the hidden sources of particularly offending foods that cause chronic illness and create a means of finding good foods they can eat without any harmful effects.

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