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Food Allergies : Food Sensitivity

Causes of Food Allergies or Sensitivities, Immune Complex response

The tendency to be sensitive to foods is either familial (genetic tendency) or, due to constant and repeated exposure of the same foods.

Both parents pass the tendency to be sensitive to certain foods. Normally, a small child will reject these foods in their diets. With repeated exposure, symptoms gradually begin to show. At a certain point the body's immune system becomes overwhelmed and immune complexes are formed that begin attacking weaknesses in the body. Instead of bacteria or viruses, food proteins are the foreign substances that the body is attempting to defend against.

The manifestations are migraines, constipation, arthritis, asthma, or numerous other chronic conditions that over time become a chronic illness.

If you have chronic illness, you probably have food sensitivities or immune complex reactions. Most laboratory tests are run to confirm or rule out a condition. For instance, the patient complains of fatigue and the doctor orders a test for Epstein Barr. When a patient's test confirms Epstein Barr, we know the Epstein Barr virus is probably the cause of the fatigue. However, if the patient complains of symptoms like migraines or constipation, they may have immune complex reactions. Therefore, the Complement Antigen Test is run to find out which antigens may be causing the problem.

Check the symptoms associated with these immune responses and then determine the cause of the symptoms by ordering the Complement Antigen Test.

The treatment will be a complete elimination of the positive reactive (harmful) items for six weeks. The proof of the validity of the test is that when you reintroduce the reactive items after six weeks during the challenge phase, those positive foods will trigger a clinical response (i.e.; the migraine or other symptoms return). If the migraine, the constipation, or any other symptoms reappear when each food is reintroduced to your diet in the challenge phase, you may need to keep that specific food out of your diet to remain healthy or symptom free. Usually the symptoms are alleviated because the immune system has calmed down.

A single food will not cause all your problems. Nor does a particular food cause the same condition in all people, that is why it is important to indentify the harmful reactions specific to an individual by using the Complement Antigen Test.

Significance of Complement Antigen Testing Food Allergies : Food Sensitivity
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